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Youth to Youth Initiative (Y2Y Initiative) is an umbrella non-profit, started in 2015, which aims to foster change and to construct an effective environment for youth participation in the decision making process and community development. Through dialogue and immediate action plans it strives to solve the most critical issues in the spheres of education, employment, culture and religion, human rights, civil society participation, gender equality, informal diplomacy, migration, environment, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development of communities, anticorruption, humanitarian actions and peacebuilding.

Y2Y Initiative strives to support and empower youth in their efforts to build a just, equitable and sustainable society aiming to provide an access to efficient means of participation in decision making process and community development.



Unicity of the concept allows "Youth to Youth Initiative" to work on three different levels: with youth, during the annual thematic International Summit, designed as a platform for dialogue and networking; with projects under "Youth to Youth Action Hub", a highly responsive, community-driven online incubator for socially beneficial ideas, projects, initiatives, non-for-profit organizations and businesses created by youth and for youth; and with young leaders from all around the world, selected to be "Youth to Youth Ambassadors" who aims to maximize the impact of youth-led initiatives on international level, promote vision and mission of "Youth to Youth Initiative" and help to raise awareness about challenges concerning youth.