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While the annual thematic International Summits create a starting point, provide food for thought and overall create an environment that encourages creativity and dialogue that allow to plant seeds for partnerships and produce joint projects, the Action Hub provides the tools and resources for projects implementation, capacity building and further grow of the positive impact of youth-led initiatives.

To make sure that the projects are developed in a sustainable way and use their full potential, Y2Y established an additional monitoring body - Ambassadors, who are selected from amongst engaged young leaders.

The approach to the above mentioned activities is very simple. The International Summit focuses on a different thematic content annually, and breaks the theme down to 6 different sub-themes. Participants of the Summit submit projects that fall under one of these sub-themes, and the best project per thematic category (6 per year) get selected. A guided learning experience, designed by the Action Hub, provides for the selected projects around-the-clock support in project management and development, communication and research, technology and innovation, funding and campaigning, marketing and PR, multimedia and design.

On a later stage of development, Ambassadors empower project leaders to connect activities on a transnational level, maximize the impact of developed and implemented solutions and replicate the most successful practices.

Moreover, the unique structure of "Y2Y Initiative" offers for young leaders and changemakers an effective networking and skills-acquiring solutions.