Y2Y Brunch on Mindfulness and Peacebuilding in Uganda

fb 21.06.2016 Y2Y Brunch on Mindfulness and Peacebuilding in Uganda 

Have you ever thought that brunch could satisfy both your apetite for food and knowledge?

We did!

We’re inviting you to join a Brunch with an Interesting Person organized by Y2Y Initiative in partnership with World Peace Initiative Foundation and Center for Constitutional Governance.

PAUL H SUTHERLAND, our special guest, is willing to share how he implements mindfulness into his life and how mindfulness can be a tool for peacebuilding. Sharing is caring isn't it?

Mr. Paul H Sutherland beyond his extensive investment experience, is the author of numerous books on financial planning and money management, including Zenvesting: The Art of Abundance & Managing Money, The Virtue of Wealth , Veterinarian’s Guide to Financial Planning: From School to Retirement, 12 Steps to a Care-Free Retirement and the AMA Guide to Financial Planning. Mr. Sutherland began his writing career in 1979 with an article on international investing that was published by Physician’s Management Magazine. Over the past 29 years he has had academic and consumer articles published in magazines, newsletters and other publications on subjects such as benchmarking global portfolios, asset allocation, retirement investing, income investing, forecasting and global investing. His work has been published in Business Ethics, Financial Planner, Dental Management and NAPFA News. He is a regular columnist for Spirituality & Health magazine and has been interviewed by Bloomberg News, Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Transcript, Investors Business Daily (IBD), Investment News, Money Magazine and others.

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