Y2Y brunch Global Trends In Social Entrepreneurship


During the last 15 years, the interest in social entrepreneurship as a strategy to meet different challenges in society has grown continuously. In different countries it has developed differently, depending on economical, political, social and cultural contexts.

Today, social entrepreneurship has reached a level of maturity, and several more or less global trends can be identified - in research, policymaking and not least in the practice of social entrepreneurship itself.

Fredrik Björk a lecturer in Social Innovation and Environmental Science at the Department for Urban Studies, Malmö University will arrive directly from Sweden to share his knowledge, insights and ideas with Vilnius Community. Fredrik Björk is locally is also engaged as a board member of Yalla Trappan, a social enterprise, and the Center for Public Entrepreneurship, a third sector initiative to support civic entrepreneurial initiatives in the region on Skåne.

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