fb 7.06.2016 Social Campaigns: looking into sustainability and conscious leadership Lund, Sheweden

Two international youth organizations, AIESEC and Youth to Youth Initiative (Y2Y) collaborated to create this highly interesting event that will take place on 7th of June at Café Athen.

Social campaigns is a very broad term which can include social media campaigns, street action or so called flashmobes, social events or any other activity which aim is to raise awareness on an important issue/problem in our society.

In this event you will:

find out about the problems people face while doing a campaign and two major problems coming along with a social campaign execution:

1) How do we make our campaigns sustainable: both financially and long-term campaigning?

2) How do we do a campaign in a conscious way and don‘t bring destruction to the society?

  • get a chance to network with like-minded people;

  • have a fika while chit-chatting and discussing about social campaigns and the ways of bringing collective consciousness, mindfulness and sustainability in the society.