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Youth to Youth Initiative is constantly looking for new opportunities to make a bigger impact and intensify youth participation in the decision-making process. We are open for both: developing new projects together and joining existing one as a partner. If you think that our activities and values are going in line with yours, contact us with your proposal and let's see how we can work together.

Capacity building training on Entrepreneurship for Migrant Youth

Project’s aim is to prepare youth workers, leaders and immigrants themselves with knowledge for the job market itself and providing them with practical know-how on planning, implementing and getting through the obstacles of starting a business on their own. Also the push and the pull factors to entrepreneurship among immigrants, the role of the family as a context of socialization and source of support (with a special focus on the importance of social capital) as well as the networks needed for success will be tackled during the training course.


  • Equip participants with competencies on self-marketing/branding/strengths finder methods in order to make young people gain self-confidence
  • To raise awareness of the importance of social inclusion by providing participants with practical knowledge about (social) entrepreneurship in general
  • To empower youth workers to contribute to the values for immigrants integration, employment and social responsibility within local communities
  • To exchange best immigrants entrepreneur practices and ideas
  • To empower participants to be able to start their own business by developing necessary skills and competencies related to online and offline business
  • To develop non-formal educational tools to disseminate positive results of the project and create a booklet on “entrepreneurship for beginners”
  • To empower youth workers through non-formal education tools to become better agents of immigrant integration and intercultural dialogue back in their home societies
  • To understand social, cultural and economic difference between immigrants based in partners countries and to promote the values of respect, solidarity, inclusion, equality
  • To provide a safe and inspiring environment to encourage future collaborations and projects with a special focus on young immigrants with fewer opportunities.

This training course will bring together 28 youth leaders, youth workers and immigrants from Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Estonia, Romania, Hungary who will meet in Lithuania to experience the impact of the above mentioned topics on their everyday and professional life. Facilitators will give their best support to the participants to equip them with the practical strategies and non formal education tools to develop competences and/or launch their own business.

Embodied Peace Building Compassion in Action in a Changing World

Y2Y Initiative is a partner in this project funded by Erasmus+. The project Coordinator is an NGO from Latvia Piepildīto sapņu istaba.

Other project partners:

  • Association of European projects in BULGARIA
  • Pandora Association from Hungary
  • Association for Applied Art and Articulation MODLA
  • World Peace Initiative Ltd registered in UK and Thailand
  • NERONT from Austria
  • Be International from CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Asociatia URBANIAC from ROMANIA
  • Youth Information Centre from SPAIN
  • Associazione Teatro invisibile from ITALY
  • Volunteers’ centre Zagreb from CROATIA
  • Mladinski center Zagorje ob Savi from SOLVENI
  • European Intercultural Forum e. V. from GERMANY
  • The Summer Work & Travel Alumni MACEDONIA

In current political and social situation with spreading radicalization it is essential to be equipped with peace building skills, as well as understand oneselve in midst of conflict and decide to act from place of tolerance and respect. Main activity of this project is a training course for youth workers and educators which aims to explore and develop peace building methods that are based on work with body and movement, as well as to enhance participants skills of self-awareness, leadership, empathic and honest communication and conflict resolution.

The training course will take place in Pērkone, Latvia and involve 31 participants. This course is unique as it combines verbal and nonverbal peace building approaches, as well as gives tools for personal development, so that peace building would become embedded in all actions of participants and their organizations. The course is based on non-formal and embodied learning principles and methods. The activities will include elements from contact improvisation, dance, authentic movement, yoga, acrobatics, hands-on bodywork, voice work, drama and meditation. Short theoretic inputs and exercises for reflection and evaluation, which are based on creative writing, storytelling and drawing will be also provided. One of the main results of this project will be development and exchange of innovative learning methodologies in peace building.

Participants will be given methods to be adapted to their realities and implement local peace building initiatives within the framework of the project.

Training Course: Extremism? No, Thanks

Participating countries: Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Georgia, FYR Macedonia Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Description of the Training Course: Recently the world has been reminded about the threat of extremism. This phenomenon is on the rise in Europe. Extremist movements, ideologies, parties and individuals present some of the most pressing challenges for European democracies.

They continue to gain large levels of support from different segments of the society, even among some of the most economically secure and highly educated regions of Europe. Many young people are affected by populism and anti-immigration sentiments and fall into a very dangerous rhetoric. Taking into account those extremist movements in Europe, raising xenophobia and Islamophobia, we consider it highly important to gather active young people, youth workers and activists to discuss questions of multicultural society, interreligious and intercultural dialogue as well as to think about some practical tools how to fight discrimination and combat extremism.

It is our belief that it is quite important to have a cultural and social connection with the neighbours around the EU in order to contribute to more understanding. Thanks to the meetings between young people and active youth workers, they can learn about the ways of living in other countries and different ways of thinking. In this way we can overcome differences and fight together against prejudice and xenophobia. That is why with this Training Course we target both the EU and non-EU countries.

The objectives of the Training Course: With this Training Course we aim to empower youth workers and youth leaders with skills, knowledge and attitudes to play an active role towards an intercultural society.

Our objectives are the following:

  • To analyse today’s multicultural society in different countries;
  • To gain knowledge on key concepts, such as stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination, extremism, intolerance;
  • To understand the causes of extremism and where they develop;
  • To analyse the European values and how they can be used in contrasting those phenomena.
  • To promote active citizenship, international dialogue and non-formal education.
  • To overview the European programs and create new projects related to the topic.