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Youth to Youth Action Hub is an innovative online system for the development and successful implementation of socially beneficial ideas, concepts, start-ups, projects and initiatives created by youth and for youth.

The Y2Y Action Hub is designed as a synthesis of highly responsive, community-driven social network and an interactive, flexible online incubator. The main idea behind it is to maximize the impact of youth-led initiatives by providing around-the-clock support in project management and development, communication and research, technology and innovation, funding and campaigning, marketing and PR, multimedia and design.

Moreover, Y2Y Action Hub is a convenient virtual space for networking and team-building, skills-acquiring and knowledge-sharing, consultancy, analysis and monitoring, but first of all, it is a vibrant and supportive community of peers and professionals from Y2Y Global partners’ network helping social ventures and projects become catalysts for change.

Youth to Youth Action Hub's Projects 2016


Bribe on the Road – a project from Indonesia. The main idea of the project is to create an online platform to report bribery and increase awareness on bribery in the society. The team members are expecting to decrease bribery on the road, to inform citizens about their responsibilities and their rights, procedure of reporting on briberies on the road, and finally push forward the law on well-established fined payment system.

Feel in Project from Moscow, Russia. The main idea of the project is to create a database with social media banners revealing sad but educative experiences with corruption, so one can imagine himself in the situation given. Project aims to create international database for people, NGOs and governments themselves to learn and research cases not only from Russia but around the world.

Youth for Transparent Elections - project from Ghana. It aims to involve at least 800 youth to act as ‘transparency police’ in order to expose corrupt practices before and during November 2016 National elections in Ghana. In the long term, the project aims to expand the number of ‘police’ up to 30,000 young people and act as ‘transparency police’ before and during November 2020 National elections in Ghana.


A mile in our shoes is a collaborative project with a worldwide impact. It is about the release of the book and the creation of a digital space for the book’s afterlife. The project aims to empower women around the world through different storytelling and interacting methods that will be presented on the portal.

ImmiMeets - project from Norway. It aims to inspire people all around the world and change their views of migration by telling stories of youth who welcome immigrants to their local communities. Short videos of volunteers who change their local communities by creating relationships with immigrants supposed to become a tool for NGOs, teachers or youth who want to bring a real change in their own communities.

Handscart - a social enterprise from India. is an online platform for handmade crafts and products not only from India but from different countries as well.


Youth to Youth Action Hub's Projects 2015


The project is aimed to inform young leaders, internally displaced from Donbass region, about study opportunities both in Europe and North America, to provide trainings and workshops for young leaders from the Eastern Ukraine which are relevant to the application process for studying at university and funding the studies and to consult on funding opportunities and post-graduation trainings, internships, fellowships and exchange programs.

In cooperation with Y2Y, the project is being reshaped and scaled up from national to international level. 

Lensational is a non-profit social enterprise with the mission of selling recycled digital cameras to the women of the urban poor in developing Asia and equipping them with photography and technological training. 

Y2Y Action Hub helps "Lensational" to boost its online sales, improving its marketing and communication strategy.

"Open Shkola" is an Open School of Sustainable Development of Society, it is an online project, promoting the idea of sustainable development through online open courses to Russian-speaking population.

The Y2Y expert team assists the project to reach out to a bigger number of audience, improve the communication and promotion strategies, as well as increase the impact of the courses.


Pocket Stories uses travel as a tool for ‘inquisitive travellers’ and ‘social-justice enthusiasts’ to explore and challenge stereotypes and prejudice presented by the corporate mainstream media and politics. 

Powered by Y2Y, online platform for the project features migrant, refugees and travelers' stories and serves as a place for empowerment and integration of migrant youth into local communities both through online and offline activities. Currently Y2Y Action Hub experts together with “Pocket Stories” team members are working on the improvement of communication strategy, creation of partnerships and expansion of impact areas.

"I AM YOU", a start-up youth exchange project, aiming to connect young people across the world through a guided online dialogue, empowering them with the tools necessary to create a meaningful exchange of ideas, unleash their potential, find new approaches to contemporary global challenges, and to unite efforts in advocating, campaigning or leading socially beneficial initiatives.

Y2Y Action Hub’s specialists assist "I AM YOU" team members to design the program, facilitate an online exchange program on the platform, powered by Y2Y, create and develop partnerships with student and youth movements around the world, and promote and sustain the model of the program.

"Dialogue Through Art" is promoting citizen partnership through art and creating awareness and empathy through non-threatening dialogue based on a shared interest by creating a low-cost, collaborative projects. The aim of the project is to increase cultural understanding between the participants, create dialogue between individuals who has no other opportunity to interact with one another, and produce various forms of art, including poems, photographs, music, and dance.

In cooperation with Y2Y, the project is being reshaped and scaled up from national to international level.