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Youth to Youth Ambassadors selected from the number of the most engaged young leaders, demonstrating commitment to speaking out about global challenges, affecting youth. As Ambassadors, they represent Youth to Youth Initiative and help to raise awareness about its youth-focused projects to a wider audience. They lobby decision makers, work with the media to raise the profile of the organization, and represent its mission at international and local events.


Tiago Ferreira Lopes has a degree in Media Studies and a PhD in International Relations. Currently he serves as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts at Institute of Business and Administration (Karachi, Pakistan) and Cross-Cultural Ambassador of the UNESCO Club at Sorbonne University.

As a researcher focused on transitology and ethnonationalism, Tiago works with several research centers, institutes and think tanks like: Orient Institute (Lisbon University, Portugal); State Building and Fragility Monitor (Lisbon University, Portugal); Euro-Atlantic Diplomacy Association (Lisbon Portugal); Strategic Outlook (Konya, Turkey); WikiStrat (Washington, USA); Sustainable Leadership Initiative (Mumbai, India); Think Tank of the Youth Association for a Greater Europe (Paris, France); Euro-Atlantic! think.act.lead (Bratislava, Slovakia).

In addition, Tiago Ferreira Lopes is a resident-author at PACTA (Lisbon University, Portugal), at MindThis (Ontario, Canada) and at (Abrantes, Portugal).



Tom Brennan is from Ireland but now living in Lithuania. He originally worked in inner city communities with marginalized communities and groups – from women and children suffering from violence, to drug and substance abuse and addiction and teenage detention. From there he worked in area management and service development for socio-economically deprived and marginalized communities.

Tom is qualified as an advanced facilitator and trainer, and has been working as a freelance consultant, facilitator and trainer in Ireland, Europe, Africa and the Middle East over the last 10 years, in the fields of development, negotiation and conflict resolution, strategic planning, and youth and community development.

At the moment, he is in the process of setting up an organization – Institute for Social Change in Lithuania. His hobbies are playing and writing music, writing (Tom is in the process of publishing his first book), nature and outdoor activities.




Christina Sciabarra is the Associate Director of the Center for Career Connections at Bellevue College. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a veteran of the war in Iraq, she works with students in transition, including women seeking to reenter the workforce, immigrants seeking employment/academic help, and veterans returning to school. As an advanced doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Arizona, she has experience writing and receiving grants as well as teaching in online and in-person formats. Her research focuses on post-civil conflict peacebuilding and she has conducted research in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Northern Ireland.

She also studies modern Middle East politics, particularly the politics of Iraq and the Levant region. She is a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellow and a volunteer domestic violence advocate with Lifewire (DV Agency) in Bellevue, Washington.

She works with a number of international affairs non-profits and sits on the board of Civil Vision International, an organization created by veterans to increase intercultural dialogue. Christina is an active member of the international peacebuilding community as both a scholar and practitioner.



Graciela Camacho is a Mexican human rights advocate, passionate about promoting women’s rights and gender equality. Her watchwords are equality, inclusiveness and negotiation. Having grown up in both French and Mexican culture, she get interested in the differences between the condition of women in developing and developed countries. She started studying women issues such as child brides and forced marriages in Africa after meeting with Koulsy Lamko, a Chadian political exiled author living in Mexico.

Her interest into human rights encouraged her to study Law at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain and at the Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris followed by a Master’s Degree in International Administration.

Graciela has a long-term experience working for UNESCO and diplomatic representations on international civil service law and education for all topics. She has also worked for AlterNego, a consulting firm specialized in negociation and conflict resolution where she performed research on mediation system in France.

Currently, Graciela Camacho is working with several non-profits promoting women rights, in particular in African continent such as Make Every Woman Count or Genre en Action. Her research focuses on the case of women empowerment in Tunisia.

She is also working under the Y2Y Action Hub on the I AM YOU project and its cultural exchange program aimed to break off stereotypes and cultural barriers.