Y2Y Brunch With a Speaker

Youth to Youth Brunch was established as a follow-up event of the Y2Y Summit 2015. After hosting inspiring speakers, we have discovered that our participants want to discuss further issues that matter to youth. So we decided to help them to host non-formal conversations with such inspirational speakers at any place in the world.

The process of organizing a brunch in association with Youth to Youth Initiative is easy and fun as if you were organizing a meet up with your friends, only that this one is always full with not only some pastries and a cup of coffee, but food for thoughts too.
What do you need to do, if you want to host a Y2Y Brunch?

Find a venue which would be suitable for having a conversation with a cup of coffee and some pastries. Select the topic of the discussion together with Y2Y team. Gain Y2Y support to invite an inspirational speaker Invite people to your brunch and get ready for fruitful and interesting discussions 🙂 Let’s brunch together and inspire each other!

Embodied Peace Building Compassion in Action

Y2Y Initiative was a partner in this project funded by Erasmus+. The project Coordinator was an NGO from Latvia — Piepildīto sapņu istaba. The core of the training course explored such issues as radicalization, development of peace building skills, conflict management, tolerance and respect. Main activity of this project is a training course for youth workers and educators which aims to explore and develop peace building methods that are based on work with body and movement, as well as to enhance participants skills of self-awareness, leadership, empathic and honest communication and conflict resolution.

The training course took place in Pērkone, Latvia and involved 31 participants. It combined verbal and nonverbal peace building approaches, as well as gave tools for personal development, so that peace building is ensure to be a part of all actions of participants and their organisations, as well as their methods are adapted to their realities and implemented on the local level.

More Diversity for Cultural Society

More Diversity for Colourful Society is a youth exchange project funded by the Estonian National Agency «Archimedes» under the umbrella of Erasmus + programme. Project was organized and hosted by Without Borders and Youth to Youth Initiative in Estonia which hosted 33 wonderful participants from 6 countries (Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, Egypt and Tunisia). Young people spent 7 days learning about diversity, intercultural dialogue, stereotypes, inclusion and migration. All session were carried by the participants themselves with the support of their team leaders. It was an incredible journey for the organisers, partners and young people. They shared much love, learning, caring, emotional and fun moments during sessions, night games and trips to Tartu and Tallinn.

This video is showing how Interculturality and mutual dialogue is always a memorable experience that get people closer, melt and break many barriers and taboos that might increase the distance between us.