All the team members are volunteers and work pro bono.

Karolina Mazetyte


Saida Ibrahimava

Co-founder, President

Riccardo Pronzato

Social Media Content Manager

Vilija Terezaite

Program Associate

Valeria Kalner

Website Developer

Christina Sciabarra

Program Associate

Olga Kalner

IT Director

Migle Dudonyte

Program Associate

Sean Goodman

Alumni Coordinator

Michelle George


Waqas Sarguroh



Stop wondering how you can make a difference! Become a «change-maker» and make a big impact on a global scale. You can become a volunteer for one of the projects under «Y2Y Action Hub» or volunteer for the whole Initiative. Volunteers can be involved in both online and offline activities, and under Y2Y staff supervision they develop relevant skills and gain first-hand experience of working in an international team. Y2Y Initiative can provide volunteers with reference letters.

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Youth to Youth Internship provides opportunities for young people who are inspired by its ideas and work supplying interns with professional skills and an access to Y2Y expertise, network, events and audience.

Internships are realised under Y2Y online incubator called Action Hub (можно вставить гиперссылку на Y2Y Action Hub в What we Do) and focused on the project design, management, and product development. Interns receive mentorship and training through real-time case studies, official paperwork and digital badges, confirming earned skills.

Ideal candidates possess a strong desire to design, implement and promote youth-led initiatives and projects promoting positive change. Candidates must be proactive, self-driven, resourceful, detail-oriented, and humble individuals with a willingness to learn.

There is also an opportunity to apply for the internship with Y2Y Initiative through Erasmus for Social Entrepreneurs Program.

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