The voices of young people are very often not heard in the society, which becomes an obstacle for them to engage in decision-making process. Therefore, young people turn to be inactive in their communities. They lack skills and knowledge on how to solve problems and create change, as well as have limited access to affordable, solid, holistic and skills development training programs.

We believe that this directly leads to systematic change, because if we empower and inspire young people through developing their skills, equipping them with knowledge, provide networking opportunities and mentoring on how to start and manage a project on their own, they will be able to successfully solve existing problems in their communities, improving the whole societies.

With this in mind, we have created Y2Y back in 2015 as a platform for young leaders to express themselves, to learn and network with each other.


We want to create a generation and a global movement of powerful young community leaders, change-makers, problem solvers and active citizens.


Y2Y Initiative aims to empower and inspire global youth community to become change-makers through holistic and accessible trainings, networking events and mentorship of youth-led projects.


Y2Y operates on several levels:

  • we organise annual international thematic summits that is designed as a platform for inspiration, dialogue and networking serve as a starting point for emerging leaders’ change making journey;
  • throughout the year we run Y2Y incubator (Y2Y Action Hub) for socially-beneficial projects and initiatives submitted by the delegates during the summits and other Y2Y activities. We develop projects from the scratch from conceptualisation to scaling up and replication;
  • we manage annual summer school for early social entrepreneurs where we engage them in intensive learning process of how to build and sustain your socially responsible business;
  • we provide affordable and holistic training programs throughout the year for youth workers and local civic activists that help them to develop skills, deepen their knowledge, broaden their worldview, and launch and further develop their own projects;
  • we develop and grow Youth to Youth Alumni Network that aims to maximise the impact of youth-led initiatives and build a movement of empowered young leaders worldwide.

Working Areas

  • Youth activism and sustainable development of communities
  • Gender equality
  • Social entrepreneurship and sustainable project management
  • Digital technology and social innovations
  • Peacebuilding through intercultural dialogue and non-formal education
  • Youth deradicalization and P/CVE